Sincere THANK YOU to all our past clients who
happily replied to our request for a feedback.

Jenna is the total package and everything you want in a planner, offering creative and impeccable taste, organized execution, seasoned versatility and great personality! She understood my vision so well and made it come to life. She is perfectly bilingual in English and Korean and was the guiding hand throughout the planning process. Jenna’s great relationships with variety of vendors of all price points only added to the comfort and quality of the event. I would recommend her to anyone who hopes to plan a beautiful wedding, no matter the size of your budget!
{Katherine & Andy - Palos Verdes}

Having Jenna as my planner was the best decision I made for my wedding. I had to leave the country while in the planning process and I returned 4 days prior to the big day. I had limited access to the internet so communication was tricky. Believe it or not, Jenna did everything on her own after few face to face meetings with me. However; during those short meetings, Jenna understood exactly what I wanted and managed to bring all my vision to life! I was showing tears of joy on my wedding day because I loved everything she has done.
{Bohee & Peter - Malibu}

I can’t say anything bad about Jenna. She went above and beyond for our wedding. We had plans to increase out budget if needed but she managed to get everything I wanted within the original budget. She really outdid herself and I can’t thank her enough. Jenna is a great wedding planner as well as a great person. She handles your wedding as if it is her own!
{Michelle & Jason – Pasadena}


Best wedding planner! My wedding exceeded all my hopes and expectations. Jenna managed to pull off seamless event from beginning to end and I can’t thank her enough. Her knowledge and experience has helped us out greatly.
{HJ & Paul - Palos Verdes}

I was introduced to Jenna by a friend who has also worked with Jenna for her wedding. My friend was very pleased with Jenna's services and I was too! Jenna is able to quickly determine what will work for each wedding and makes wise decisions. For my wedding, she has totally transformed the reception venue and everything was beautiful. Thanks to Jenna and her great vendor referrals, my wedding was featured in Bride’s magazine and Urban agenda magazine.
{Ashley & John - Monarch Beach}

We had no idea where to begin with our very tight budget but Jenna took on the job and did all the work for us; Research, Planning and Execution! She has truly made our wedding an amazing night to remember.
{Kelly & Mike - Los Angeles}

야외 결혼식이다보니 필요한것도 많고 신경쓸것도 정말 많았는데 항상 웃으며 도와주셔서 감사합니다. 제나씨 덕분에 웨딩플래너 디스카운트도 많이 적용되었고 결혼식 당일에도 제일 먼저 도착하시고 제일 늦게까지 남아 까다로운 마무리까지 완벽히 끝내주셔서 감사합니다. 제나씨 덕분에 모든게 너무나 순조롭고 즐거웠습니다.
{Jenny & Matthew – Beverly Hills}

처음부터 끝까지 어려움 없게 척척 도와주셔서 감사합니다. 제나씨 없었으면 어떻게 했을까 싶을 정도로 너무 해주셨어요. 아침부터 비가 와서 당황스러웠는데 제나씨가 알아서 모든걸 해결주시고 가든결혼식이 갑자기 안으로 옮겨야 했음에도 순발력있게 알아서 야외보다 멋진 결혼식으로 만들어 주셔서 어떻게 말로 표현이 안됩니다. 그동안 정말 수고 많으셨어요! 감사합니다.
{Hailey &
Mark – Marina Del Rey}









{Jenny & John – Los Angeles}














{Soo & Paul – Thousand Oaks}















{Soo & Paul – Thousand Oaks}


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